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One of the world’s most well-known untranslatable expressions is the Danish word hygge, which describes a feeling of peace, security and calm and a natural sense of harmony with ourselves and our surroundings. Danish people associate it with celebrations, such as the Christmas atmosphere, however it has a broader meaning. It can be used to describe any cosy moment, be it sitting in a warm home on a winter’s day, reminiscing with old friends or arriving home on a Friday evening. Hygge is that moment when you relax, slow down and enjoy the perfect imperfection of life. Danes say that it helps them through the long, dark winters.

We have used a special feature to divide the space into three functional areas. This feature is a black structure that resembles wooden interior design and surrounds the creative space. The area in front of it is home to the Bang & Olufsen Sensory Shop. The use of a range of textures combined with an all-white appearance reflects the modest Danish style and puts the focus on the high-end products. In the garage area behind the house-like structure you will find a colourful, tangible and emotional world which mirrors bikers’ passions. The connection, balance or tension (however you choose to interpret it) between the three clearly separated areas is further enhanced by the spatial relations and visual tricks used.

[ 1 space - 4 functions - 11 brands ]

The new HYGGE complex in the ultra-modern Bálna Budapest Cultural Centre has four main functions and is an inspiring home to eight brands.

BANG & OLUFSEN Budapest Showroom & Sensory Shop

The Bang & Olufsen store in the HYGGE complex is one of the Danish premium brand’s most modern showrooms in Central and Eastern Europe and its first Sensory Shop.

Creative Garage for four brands

The Creative Garage is home to four brands – a communications agency, a film studio, a custom motorbike manufacturer and a motorcycle clothing distributor, as well as the Hungarian distributor of Les Ateliers Ruby helmets.

Cloud 42 (communications agency)
42bit (film studio)
Route42 (custom motorbike manufacturer and motorcycle clothing distributor)
Ruby Budapest (Hungarian distributor for Les Ateliers Ruby)

Quasi St@rtup Incubator (QSI):

Classic incubators and accelerators have a special place in the startup ecosystem. Although using a more informal model, we provide companies with similar resources, such as co-working spaces and services focusing on skills development (mentoring, coaching, consulting, training, business management) as well as seed and social capital. You can access our creative home through personal relationships. We will give you multifaceted support instead of one-sided conditions. The basis of our cooperation is trust and situational awareness, not the sword of Damocles.
Our business-friendly model is located somewhere between classic incubators and similar institutions in (foreign) universities and non-profit business development centres. There are currently two brands in the QSI.
Social media site for artists in Hungary to build up their portfolios.
Non-profit fundraising website which collects money for the Smile (‘Mosoly’) Foundation founded by Péter Küllői 20 years ago.

Specialty Coffee Shop

The B&O Play section and it’s full panoramatic terrace - apart from introducing the cool iconic sub-brand of the 93 years old BANG & OLUFSEN company - proudly hosts a brand new 3rd Wave Coffee Shop.

Why Denmark?

Because the Nordic kingdom is not just the home of premium designer speakers, it also ranks highly in many other areas:
  • Queen Margaret II of Denmark has been Head of State for 44 (!) years
  • it is one of the world’s oldest kingdoms
  • it has the lowest level of corruption in the world (source: Transparency International CPI index, 2015)
  • according to the World Economic Forum’s 2010 list, it is the 5th most competitive economy in the world
  • it has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world
  • it is often ranked as “the happiest country in the world”
  • the highest natural point is Møllehøj at a “monstrous” height of 170.86 (!) metres.
  • its net external debt is zero (!)
  • the mainland only borders one country, Germany (for 68 kilometres)
  • it consists of the Jutland peninsula and 443 (!) islands
9 + 1 famous Danes:
II. Margit
(Queen of Denmark)
Hans Chrisitian Andersen
(poet and writer of fairy tales)
Aage Niels Bohr
(Nobel-winning physicist and Einstein’s key debating partner)
Søren Kierkegaard
(existentialist philosopher)
Lars von Trier
(film director)
Mads Mikkelsen
Arne Jakobsen
(architect and designer)
Nikolaj Hubbe
(ballet dancer)
Jørn Utzon
(designer of the Sydney Opera House)
(literary figure)
Famous Danish companies:
Bang & Olufsen


Hygge’s initial plans.
They were already ambitious during the initial design phase!
The starting point.
Big space, big goals, big opportunity!
The construction is ongoing.
Damn, it’ll never be finished!
Finally, it’s finished!
We would like to thank everyone who worked on this project.
Bálna Budapest in the past.
Old pictures of the warehouse provided by Fortepan.


BANG & OLUFSEN celebrates 90th Birthday
5 in 1
BeoPlay BudaPest
Grand Opening
Route42 Garage-warming
Grand Opening Party with Sapka & Talma.
10 Facts about Smile Foundation.
BANG & OLUFSEN Mesh Net Building
Time Lapse
Interview with the creators.


_ 09/30/16

1. Arthungry Award / Award ceremony
Graphics & Design
BeoPlay BudaPest
Heimann winemaker
Hygge events center
Varinex Zrt.


The first award ceremony of the one year old creative community site,, organized at the Hygge events centre in Bálna Budapest. The theme of the ArtHungry Award this year was graphics and design, for which applications were accepted in three categories. In choosing the award recipients, the organisers were supported by multi-award winning specialists and experienced industry journalists. The highlights from the night of the award ceremony included a presentation of 3D printing by Varinex Zrt. and during the evening, Zoltán Heimann winemaker presented his newest wine creation, SXRD.

_ 08/10/16

Hungarian Association of Executives
“Olympic” Club 19
Invited guests:
Hegedűs Csaba,
Olympic champion in wrestling, coach, sports director

Szekeres Pál,
Olympic bronze medalist in fencing, three-time Paralympic champion, multiple-time European and world champion, technical director of wheelchair fencing at the 2016 Rio Paralympics, ministerial commissioner of tasks concerning the social integration of disabled persons at the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources


Kárász Róbert, TV presenter

Group42, Hygge

We recalled the best Hungarian-related moments of the previous Olympic Games with the help of our own sports legends in addition to discussing the current Olympic events, reflecting to the live broadcast in the background.

_ 07/11/16

BeoPlay BudaPest
Grand Opening
1st Class Sound
3rd Wave Coffee


The BeoPlay section and it’s full panoramatic terrace - apart from introducing the cool iconic sub-brand of the 90 years old BANG & OLUFSEN company - proudly hosts a brand new 3rd Wave Coffee Shop. The highest professional level of the Specialty Coffee Shop will be guaranteed by baristas of My Little Melbourne Coffee.

_ 05/19/16

ArtHungry and "Grafikus Szerda" presents:
Discussion about 2024 Summer Olympics logo design tender.
Guest: Graphasel Design Studio
Sponsors: Group42, Hygge


Organised by ArtHungry and "Grafikus Szerda" we invited Graphasel Design Studio, the designer of the winner logo for Budapest 2024 to our headquarter, the Hygge.

_ 04/15/16

Grand Opening
Sapka, European Champion Custom Bike Builder
Gábor Talmácsi, MotoGP 125cc World Champion
Péter Guld, journalist
Anna Péter, designer (Concrete Carp, TMD)
Józsi Gál, butcher imitation
János Habók, magician
Piñata, piñata


Hygge Center, along with the Route42 Garage, was opened on April 15, 2016, on the eve of the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

_ 08/12/15

Grand Opening
Katti Zoób Art Deco Show
BMW Budapest Motors Show
Smile Foundation auction
Váczi Eszter & Quartet jazz concert


We celebrated the 90th anniversary of the founding of BANG & OLUFSEN with an exquisite party on 8th December 2015.


Tamás Berecz
Dániel Regős
Project manager
Pál Kutvölgyi
José Simon
Art director
Imre Virger
Project coordinator


+36 30 920 920 1
Bálna Budapest / Hygge
1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 11-12.